Monday, December 09, 2013

Gaming on company time

And getting paid for it. The NSA (and apparently other agencies) found that persons of possible interest (e.g. embassy drivers) played things like World of Warcraft, and so in their search for terrorist communication channels the agency sucked up huge swaths of chat information--which is probably not that informative without an intimate knowledge of the games. I gather that some poor souls had the crushing burden of having to get deeply involved in the games.

WoW et al seem roughly as interesting as watching paint dry, but if that's your enthusiasm perhaps you should consider a career change.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

My eldest plays WoW. I look over his shoulder from time to time. I blame it on his parents playing D&D for a few years when he was small.

james said...

Possibly if I gave it a fair trial I'd be more enthused. I can't find Hermione's time-turner, and so I suspect I'd better not try.