Tuesday, October 08, 2019

How do you keep control of your car?

Maybe a "kill-switch" for the network is overkill, but I'd be inclined to use it. Last time I checked I wasn't into deplorable deeds of darkness that required me to keep my location secret, but on general principles I don't want other people monkeying with my stuff without my knowledge.

We bought a van without the extra bells and whistles. A backup camera would be very nice to have, but I don't like power doors (untraceable short circuits drain the battery very quickly--I learned that the hard way) and the temperature sensors get scraped off in snow banks, and I think I'd rather drive than fiddle with getting bluetooth synced at highway speeds.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

I wish I had a Vanagon again. The closest you see is a Westfalia now - which would also be fine. One went up for sale down the street a month ago and i almost bought it, even though i have no use for another car at present.

james said...

A colleague of mine used a VW bus as his apartment for much of the year. The savings on rent was enough to give him a nice nest egg.