Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Vacation spots

Lonely Planet put Liberia out there as their Number 8 travel destination for 2020, along with places like Aruba and England.
Chaotic Waterside Market offers almost everything for sale, including colourful textiles, shoes, leather goods and pottery, all with a dose of foul smells and lots of noise. Haggle hard, smile, and embrace raw Monrovia to its fullest.


This lighthouse can be climbed for an outstanding panoramic view of the cape. Although no longer functional, it's on a UN base, so get permission first, and don't attempt to scale the small, slippery steps during the rainy season. Don't miss the stunning, palm-lined beach at nearby Fish Town (not to be confused with the larger town of the same name), but take care with the currents if you swim.

I'm told that the surfing is amazing. But do take care with the currents--at Thinker's Village (good food) we were told that drownings are fairly common--a few tourists a year in the country.

Ebola is gone for now, and I don't hear any murmurings about civil war these days. So, do you want to take Lonely Planet's advice?

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Assistant Village Idiot said...

Probably not. I'm sure they need American tourist dollars and they do speak English (which we require because of my wife's allergies), but I tend to be most interested in art, architecture and history, and not much of Africa has versions of those I'm interested in.