Saturday, March 13, 2021


I've always had trouble connecting names to faces. Sometimes it caused me more than just a little embarassment. Politics was never a career option.

Names in the news befuddle me. Is Markle a German Prime Minister, a TV talking head, or a basketball player?

I grudge the effort spent skimming the article only to discover that this is a generic celebrity, and one from a family I thought we fought a war for the right to ignore.

Now Q. Elizabeth II seems like an interesting character, for her laudable devotion to duty--and even for just her long path through British history. But the rest of the clan leaves me glad we aren't saddled with them.

I guess a lot of us like royalty--because I remember there being fascination even when the royal house wasn't such an obvious trainwreck, and William Brann had hot acid words about American adulation of a wastrel prince.

I don't think actors quite fill the emotional bill, and politicians' role is allegedly public servant rather than ruler.

Christopher at AVI referred to a British love/hate relationship with their royal family. I wonder if monarchies are all like that to some degree: people longfor the great and admirable, and "Who died and made you God?"

Sometimes they're good for entertainment. Years ago there was a rumor that Prince Charles had converted to Islam. Since that family is related to Muhammad (via Spain), wouldn't it be wild if he were to claim custodianship of the Two Holy Mosques?


Unknown said...

"Now Q. Elizabeth II seems like an interesting character, for her laudable devotion to duty"

It was reported in 2015 that the Queen had stopped breeding corgi dogs as she did not want to leave any behind when she died - perhaps from seeing how her mother's corgi 'Monty' coped with her mother's death.

Anyway, now in 2020, some years after the death of her last previous surviving pet, she has again acquired corgis.

I can only infer that she has concluded that her services are required for at least another dozen years or so, so she has put any plans of death on the back burner.

james said...

I like it. Good luck to her.