Sunday, March 28, 2021


Do not put your trust in princes and Cursed is the one who trusts in man turned up in the readings on the same morning.

Hmm. Are there any princes/leaders I put my trust in? Nah. Opinionators? I tend to review their stuff myself. So how does this warning apply?

Looks in the mirror and wonders when all his hair went...

As the kids started growing we changed some of our entertainments. Partly this was because we couldn't afford some of them, and partly because they might mislead. As a simple example, you have to read the kids fairy tales before you let them see Fractured Fairy Tales. In the right order you can fully enjoy both; in the wrong order neither.

Of course the kids learn from others as well. We were fine with Harry Potter, so some of our kids traded books with friends whose parents were opposed on principle to Harry Potter but didn't seem to mind Anne Rice.

I took some directions my life thanks to examples found lying around and from trusted sources. Some of those directions proved costly.

In the past year I heard the story of a man who had shaken off an addiction to marijuana--until he found a bag of weed dropped behind a seat in church.

I wonder in what things I have slipped up, and failed those who trusted me. One of these days I'll find out--may God forgive me.

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