Friday, March 12, 2021

March thaw

It is the season of discovery.

The snow is gone, and the cans appear: soda, energy drinks, and something I don't recognize--not beer, I think. Straws and bags, of course--and a glove. And its mate, 60 feet away. Several USB cables, and the control for someone's home sound system. A circle around our neighbor's porch is paved with four months of preserved dog droppings, as I found when I went to retrieve a barrel that had blown away.

One year a battered swivel adapter for a 3/8 socket appeared in a crack in the pavement at my bus stop. It works fine.

The ground's still too soggy for a pickup sweep.

It felt a little odd to be standing around while others did all the shoveling--2 yards of dirt arrived at 9. But my shoulder won't take it, and as supervisor I taught the grandkids a few handy hints about how to dig with less effort, using ramps, why getting a wheelbarrow tire pumped up is good, and so on. They got good practice.

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