Thursday, October 21, 2021

From a 13 year old's point of view

A friend's 13-year-old has COVID. He has to stay home from school, have food brought to him in his room, is excused from all chores that would take him out of his room, and can play video games most of the day. The only price he has to pay is a mild dry cough (and having a cotton swab stuffed up his nose every few days for the testing).

His siblings are likewise told to stay home. My friend has had the bug himself (not fun at all), and then been vaccinated (even worse reaction), but rules are rules and with the bug in the house he can't go to work. He's catching up on bathroom remodeling.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

My ten-your old granddaughter just went back to school yesterday after having covid and quarantining. She was quite sick ffor two of the days, unable to eat anything, coughing,tired and dizzy. Dad works from home and mom had to stay home from her preschool job. Older sister went to school but had to mask at all times.

james said...

My friend's son lucked out.