Thursday, August 18, 2022

If I'd known then

When my father was declining and his memory was mostly gone, his nurses said he was always a gentleman.

I've changed a bit over the years, and value some things more than I did when I was in high school. Or in college.

If you were to restore my memories to only what I had back in '73, and put me on the plane to the States again, would I live differently? Are the changes in values memory-based, or changes in me? I can lose memories.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

I worry that I will not be a gentleman if my mind goes at the end, but fairly irritable and foul-mouthed. One advantage of having smoked for 40 years and having metabolic syndrome is that my body is likely to go before my mind.

My opinion has changed since 1973 - or in my case 1971 - about what a restart would mean. I believe that circumstances are chaotic and I might likely live in a different state, have a different wife, have had a different major and career and certainly have had different children, as the sensitive dependence on conditions for mating is quite unpredictable. (If with the same wife, they might be similar children, as my two are similar now.)

Yet I think I would be much the same in approach, demeanor, speech, attitude, belief, and a dozen other things I now think hard-wired.

james said...

I agree about the chaotic aspects of life.
I've an older body, a lot more memories and training, and what else? I think I've changed in other ways (I hope in a few 2 Peter 1 ways, though I have some doubts about how well that's going). If I were re-bodied and had my mind rewound, would my directions change any?