Monday, August 12, 2019

Better late than never

As I wrote earlier, I'm now 2^6 years old, and that next exponent is going to be very hard to hit.

AVI has been listing his most popular posts, and I was curious what that would look at from my blog. The "most popular" is a bit messy to calculate--for example there's some background subtraction that varies with time, and if there's a large gap between posts the one just before the gap racks up a few more hits than ones immediately earlier--or later.

Anyhow, I ran across an old review of Learning to Grow Old. I'd read it, but not taken it to heart.

I think I need to spend a week logging what I do, and why. How much is work-related, how much social media (ie. blogspot), and how much projects of my own that I may not have the zing for ten years from now... And how much is people-focussed. The results might be useful.

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