Sunday, August 25, 2019

Gasoline safety cans

We don't have any of the old simple metal kind anymore. The plastic ones are supposed to be vastly superior.

My eldest had to buy and use one this morning. Trying to get the safety spout out was quite a job. The gasket was a loose O-ring, and twisting the adapter into place seems to stretch it. The safety spout is spring-loaded--you have to twist and push the upper end of it back into the lower end for gasoline to flow. If your fingers slip and let go of the spring-loaded tip--it stops pouring immediately.

That's nice in theory, but remember that stretchy gasket. The can dribbled gasoline all over my hands.

I use an older version of such cans, that doesn't have a separate ring or a fancy auto-stop mechanism in the spout. That gets gasoline on me too.

If I'm going to walk away from the job with gasoline all over something, I think I'd rather it be a funnel than me. Of course, they're hard to get the dust out of when you're in a hurry.

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