Friday, July 30, 2021

Details, details

The Cana Island Lighthouse is, as you would expect, a popular wedding site--but not so much recently. It seems that lightning preferred to strike the power and light poles rather than the lightning rod atop the lighthouse, and the park hasn't replaced the system. What's a DJ to do without power?

The causeway was only 8 inches underwater when we went, but they told us that last year's lake levels had it almost 3 feet deep. The tractor engine was high enough not to flood, but I could imagine that some long dresses in the hay wagon got wet.


Unknown said...

Interesting - the light is still listed on the current coat-guard list of navigational aids for the chart of that area. Perhaps the power for the light itself is provided differently from the electricity for other functions on the island?

james said...

They have some electricity (the gift shop). Quite a few lighthouses are unmanned, and use solar power to charge a battery to power the station at night.