Friday, January 25, 2013

Crocodile hunters

Floods though Rakwena Crocodile Farm , usually home to 15,000 crocodiles, liberated 10,000 of them. Only 2,000 have been retrieved so far (earlier reports said 1/2).

They are being hunted at night!

"At night time we have more success and we can see their red eyes - it's much easier to see them. They are reasonably active so you have to jump on them and catch them," he told ECNA.


The crocodiles on the Rakwena Farm are mostly bred for their skin, which is exported to Europe and parts of Asia to make shoes, jackets and handbags.

Villagers have been urged not to try to capture animals themselves.

And I thought the meth lab on the corner was a sinister neighbor. We didn't learn about it until it was busted.

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