Friday, January 11, 2013

Dangerous advice

Donald Sensing wrote about the Professional Poor, and his decisions about how to deal with them. (Professional=beggar, Idle=professionally idle, Working=the ones we usually think of as poor) He refuses to give to the Professional Poor. He recognizes that there are very good arguments against his position.

There's a men's homeless shelter right off the Capitol Square, and we have a population of beggars and loungers. I've been a bit conflicted about helping--I never give cash, but I'll buy the newspaper and I've given Subway sandwiches. But it always feels "off."

Perhaps I overthink things sometimes, but I probed my reaction to Sensing's post and found relief instead of disappointment. I find it too easy to pass by on the other side. Sensing's approach, though wise, is dangerous advice for me.

I know the general shape of what I should be doing, but not how to get started on it. I need to start much closer to home than the beggars.

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