Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feeling young again

Tis the time of year to think about college planning, and my "unique educational needs" clearly demand some "assistance in making crucial decisions."

One of the useful features of modern information technology is the precision with which they can comb through databases to target exactly the people who need your company's services. There need be no wasted postage, no wasted effort. I read of a firm that, based on an analysis of a young lady's department store purchases, sent her offers for diapers and baby magazines before her parents knew she was pregnant.

I wonder how I should take advantage of this scam opportunity. I don't think I have quite enough years left to get much useful work done after earning an MD, and I'm no good at languages so that rules out a MDiv.(*)

I think I'll worry along learning dCache and enstore without benefit of college planning.

(*)The title of MDiv reminds me of the spells on Egyptian coffins that seemed calculated to make the occupant a Master of divinities.

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